Is the online automatic hang up to make money?

Is the online automatic hang up to make money?

Pei Qian pondered over it and decided to extend the desert road’s background indefinitely... and extend the gameplay to eight hours!

That’s right! The players would have to drive for eight hours before they could reach the end point! Also, there would be a turn every now and then along the way!

That would make it impossible for the players to pass the game by pressing just a single button!

That way, he should be able to pass the vetting process since the gameplay differed from the existing driving simulators in the market.

Besides, with such a messed up gameplay, wouldn’t he just be lambasted by the gamers? There’s no way this game would earn money!

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Pei Qian was overjoyed and lamented over what a genius he was.

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Finally, he created an endgame interface with an extremely simplistic method that merely displayed a single line of words: “Congratulations for wasting eight precious hours of your life!”

Even if someone were to complete the game, Pei Qian had to ensure that they would be so pissed that they wouldn’t want to play any games from his company ever again!

In order to not waste the ranking function he bought, he created a ‘Time Wasters Ranking’ to tabulate the ‘Number of Completions’ as well as ‘Effective Game Time’ of every player.

This was a useless ranking system which purely exists because money was spent on it.

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Before long, he was done with it.

All of the functions were considered basic functions of the game editor and required simple drags and changing of parameters to execute – basically, anyone with hands could do it.

It took Pei Qian less than two hours to complete the self-learning of the game editor, purchasing of resources and creation of the game.

“This retarded game is definitely going to lose me some money!”