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It’s a common flow of poker.

「After that, we exchange cards only once – and we enter the last betting time. If it’s a good hand, you can bet additional life. On the contrary, if it is a bad hand, you can fold.」

「What happens if we fold?」

「You will lose half of the life you bet. Round up the fraction.」

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「If we both don’t fold, we open each other’s hand – the holder of the『stronger hand』wins. The winner takes all the life bet on the match.」

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After finishing the rough explanation of the rules,

「Well, to put it simply – play poker normally and if your life goes to zero first, you lose.」

Finally, it was summarized briefly as so.


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There was nothing peculiar about the rules.

It’s just plain poker.

(Yoshi, let’s lose at the right place…)

If I win poorly here, I will get involved in some troublesome matter again.

(In order not to leave a grudge, while winning moderately – I will try to lose at the very end.)

When thinking about that, the president finally said something very bothersome.