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Adaptability: D+ (40)

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Social Contribution: B (68)

Overall: B- (62)

Students who got an A in academics last year, like Horikita and Mii-chan, maintained their As. Maybe those who had scored more than 400 points in the exams would be given an A or higher in academics.

The OAA app clearly showed how the grades had improved for everyone, but as said before, the one with the most significant increase was Sudou.

2-D Sudou Ken

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2nd-year evaluation

Academics: C (54)

Physical Ability: A+ (96)

Adaptability: C- (42)

Social Contribution: C+ (60)

Overall: B- (63)

Considering the fact that in his first year, his overall evaluation was only a C with 47 points, it was amazing growth, to say the least.

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His outstanding physical abilities also boosted his evaluation.

It was just a score the OAA gave, but his overall ability was even higher than Keisei and Akito.

If he could improve his academics and social contribution in the future, he might even be able to stand shoulder to shoulder with Yosuke and Kushida. This was the good points of being one of the outstanding students.

However, although the student evaluations were reset, relating to the adaptability and social contribution this year… Basically, I should assume parts of last year was used as data for the school to decide those evaluations. After all, the relationship with your friends and communication skills wouldn’t change instantly as we moved up a year. Having said that, a month later, if Sudo lived a serious life for the past six months, his social contribution number would rise at the very least.