2018 methods to make money online

2018 methods to make money online

Instead of spending a lot of money for the illusory lucky draw with negative expectations, they might as well buy a smart fitness drying rack, charge money in the Fitness Combat, or participate in the 515 Game Festival.

At least the other side was full of sincerity!

Pei Qian was filled with sorrow as he watched the trend on the internet become more and more abnormal.

Wasn’t this causing trouble?

It was supposed to be fine. Why did this happen all of a sudden?!

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What was worse was that gamers’ interest in the smart fitness drying rack seemed to be increasing rapidly after it combined with the Fitness Battle.

Qiao Liang was not the first live streamer to introduce the smart fitness drying rack. This thing was about to become a trend. Many streamers and UP Masters were experiencing it!

The sales volume of the smart fitness drying rack was also rising rapidly.

It would not work even if Pei Qian wanted it to be sold slowly because there were too many stocks in the warehouse. Upwind Logistics would also distribute the stocks automatically. Pei Qian could not interfere.

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The situation might change drastically after this weekend...

Pei Qian could not sit still.

“No, I have to do something.”