2018 online promotion of the most profitable

2018 online promotion of the most profitable

“How about this: let’s leave our contact numbers with each other. I’ll find someone to install the hardware for you. Leave us your address, and we’ll deliver the entire set.”

“Is that possible? Thank you so much!” The young man looked elated. He thanked them profusely as he left.

However, Ma Yang felt confused. In a low voice, he said, “Ask him to do it on his own. Why should we work so hard for him?”

Ma Yang could not seem to understand why Zhang Yuan agreed. The latter was now the regional manager of the Fish-Catching Internet Cafes after all. Why should he install hardware for others like he used to before?

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Five hundred yuan to install computers was higher than average, but Zhang Yuan was already drawing a high salary. Did he have to work so hard to earn that much more?

Zhang Yuan smiled and answered, “Brother Ma, I’m not installing the hardware just to earn those few hundred yuan. I just think there’s a business opportunity here! “Don’t you think ‘Fish-Catching Internet Cafe’s brand of computers’, ‘the computer for Repent and be Saved’, or ‘Tengda’s chosen computer’ sounds quite sensational?”

Ma Yang paused. “Er… it does sound quite sensational. However, even if we can ride on the internet cafe’s fame, it would be useless. We would be competing with traditional computer brands. It doesn’t sound easy.”

Zhang Yuan shook his head. “Traditional brands produce ridiculously downsized hardware, which allows them to earn a huge profit margin. Players who have real standards would know that DIY computers are more worth it.”

Ma Yang pondered for a moment and said, “But other brands offer after-sales service.”

Zhang Yuan smiled and answered, “We can do the same. Not only that, but we can also deliver the hardware to people’s homes! Have you forgotten that Upwind Logistics belongs to Boss Pei, too? It’ll be a waste if we don’t make use of it!

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“Many manufacturers sell computers wholesale online and cheat many people as a result. We would be selling true high-quality stuff and only charging a tiny installment and after-service fee. If we only target high-end customers, we will probably succeed.

“For all we know, we might even create our own ready-made brand in the future!”

Ma Yang looked confused. “Our own ready-made brand?”