Do you make a cosmetics purchase to make money?

Do you make a cosmetics purchase to make money?

Wouldn’t it be perfect if he spent so much money and the audience did not like it?

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As for why he wanted to make web dramas and comics...

Fei Huang Workspace gave Pei Qian a headache.

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They had filmed so many themes before, short videos, documentaries, and two movies...

They were all on fire.

It was obvious that Zhu Xiaoce had the power to turn something rotten into something magical by making Fei Huang Workspace film, a rubbish script personally written by Boss Pei.

What if Fei Huang Workspace turned these books into movies and took off again?

Therefore, they should change the topic.

The web series this time was different from the previous ones. It was not a low-cost production. Instead, it had to be a huge production. However, it was not a movie and could not enter the cinema. Naturally, the possibility of losing money would increase greatly.

Comics was a field that Tengda had never stepped foot into before.

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Pei Qian could spend a sum of money to buy an animation studio. If he could not get to the movies, the animation would not be affected, right?

These three works could be turned into movies and animations. It would definitely give the other authors a lot of encouragement and motivation.

The other authors would definitely squeeze their heads into the inspiration class if they could change games, web series, and comics with such rubbish.

That way, all the top writers on the website would enter the “large-scale incubator” of the inspiration class. Wouldn’t it become better over time?

Pei Qian could not help but feel overjoyed.

What a perfect plan!