How to make money on online coupons

How to make money on online coupons

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Pei Qian looked at the time. He wanted to get off work before five so he had to be more efficient this time.

Tian Mo could not possibly be suspicious if they were to talk in Tengda Corporation’s CEO office, right?

Tian Mo was flustered. “Huh? Sales?”

“This... I... I actually don’t have much experience in sales. I did try to be a house agent for a month...”

Pei Qian raised his eyebrows. “Oh? What’s the result?”

“In the end...” Tian Mo was a little embarrassed, but he still chose to be honest.” In the end, I did not manage to rent too many houses in a month. I did not get a single cent in commission...”

Pei Qian looked slightly concerned. “Didn’t rent out too many... how many?”

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Tian Mo said, “...Two houses.”

“One of them happened to be a newly graduated student who was in a hurry to rent a house. The house was very suitable, so he rented it without me saying anything. The other one was given to me by a sister with a very good character in the shop because she felt that I was too pitiful...”

Pei Qian was filled with respect. “Hm, not bad.”

He was right about him.

Tian Mo: “Huh? That’s not bad?”

Pei Qian smiled slightly. “To be honest, Tengda Corporation’s various departments are different from the outside world. Especially the sales department. What I want is not experienced and glib-tongued sales, but a unique set of standards.”

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“I think you’re very suitable!”

“Therefore, you don’t have to worry too much. I can already see the potential I need from you. There will definitely be no problem as long as you can unleash this potential.”