How can I have a part-time money to make Baidu?

How can I have a part-time money to make Baidu?

Wu Yue leaned back in his chair, pondering whether he should continue with this club.

The FV Club was only maintained because of his own funding. It was purely for his interest. He did not dare to think about GOG’s quota as he could not afford it. He could only play IOI if he wanted to maintain his lifestyle.

However, IOI’s team had been mostly dismantled.

Of course, he could recruit more people and build a new team, but anyone with eyes could tell that there was no chance for the qualifiers this time.

Zhao Xuming had given FV Club a spot to participate in the qualifiers out of respect, but the problem was where to find good players?

After all, Zhao Xuming felt that it would be embarrassing to tear down these small clubs, thus he gave them a spot in the qualifiers. These small clubs would not be able to qualify anyway.

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Even if they managed to gather enough teams to participate in the qualifiers, they would probably be defeated by teams such as SUG.

Once they missed the IOI world competition, they would probably end up with no competition to play.

Wu Yue’s current situation was: the team that he had painstakingly built up had been dismantled and only had three members left. Reorganizing the team would be very troublesome; there would be no competition to play in the short term, and burning money would not generate any popularity. Selling members to earn a transfer fee seemed to be a good choice.

Therefore, Wu Yue was a little discouraged and did not want to play anymore.

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He was still struggling when someone knocked on the door.

Knock, knock.

Wu Yue looked up to see Manager Lu return

“Boss Wu, there’s something very important.” Manager Lu looked to be in disbelief. “Boss Pei of Tengda Corporation wants to come to Shanghai personally to meet you.”

Wu Yue was stunned. “Who?”

Manager Lu repeated, “Boss Pei of Tengda Corporation.”

Wu Yue was completely stunned.