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『Then, next on the training schedule, you will be instructed on body techniques. But before that... have you ever studied any Martial Art?』

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And next is martial art. Or rather, it’s a full-fledged training from here on.

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“Once, only as a basis. We don’t even spar at the academy.”

『That so. Then, first of all, show me some of your motions.』


『Hmm......Shadow...... No, ......’sparring’. Yes, do some ‘Phantom Sparring’.』

Ah, Phantom? Ghosts? He’s saying terms I don’t understand.

『Oh, are you unaware? Shadows are a staple of martial art training. Tis supposed to be an imaginary enemy you face on your own, and train to avoid attacks with kicks, fists and so on.』


『Sparring is a mock battle in which an actual opponent is prepared. And now, what I have just thought of, the Phantom Sparring. Not a virtual enemy. Not even a real partner. You are going up against a ghost with no substance.』

So I didn’t know what the difference was. I’ll be sparring with ghosts, not imaginary enemies? With ghosts... Ghost?

『Tis so. It shall be me. We shall spar on the assumption that my form actually exists.』

“What!? Oh, I... with you...?”

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『Ah. Come at me with intent to kill. Instead, even if no damage is given, I shall fight back as well.』