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Is there a group of people to make money?

Ryuuen-kun laughed enjoyingly as he began talking about it as though it were a delusion.

"Before the sports festival, I had Kushida get her hands on Class D's participation table, and I acquired it that way. Then I simply put the right people in the right places and won. Of course, that's not all, I had also thoroughly researched Class D on top of that too".

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"Brilliant leadership. As a matter of fact, you lot did win against Class D and Class A".

Although they didn't measure up to Class B in terms of overall strength, there's no doubt that they fought well.

"But couldn't you have won more efficiently? In order to crush me, you utilized two of your aces and one of them even had to withdraw after being injured. That's baffling".

"Kuku. To crush you. That's reason enough. I had no interest in winning in terms of overall points from the beginning this time around".

"But your strategy relied on luck. Good for you, when you ordered Kinoshita-san to make me fall and she acted on it, you were saved by two coincidences. That I was too injured to continue and that Kinoshita-san was severely injured after she fell on her own. Both of those aren't things you can simply aim to pull off".

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What caused the gears to fall apart inside me was that part.

Because if she had only received a light injury, then things wouldn't have gotten this serious.

"Certainly the extent of your injury was a product of coincidence. It would've been obvious if I had aimed to injure you. If she messes up while making contact with you, it's Kinoshita who'll suffer a painful experience. That's why I had Kinoshita thoroughly practice a single thing. To make contact with her opponent and make the fall look natural".

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If one were to be given such an order, they'd normally rebel against it. What exactly needed to be done to make her so obedient?

"Also...about Kinoshita's you really think it was an accident?".


"Sure, she fell down. But of course, serious injuries aren't so easily sustained. That's why I had her pretend to be in pain and drop out of the sports festival. After that, it's a simple matter. Before she received treatment, I injured her myself. Like this".

He said that as he stomped on the floor of the corridor with all his strength.

Ban! A terrifying, eerie sound echoed through the corridor.

"You did it......? To her.....?".

"She gave her consent when I offered to give her 500,000 points, you know? It sure is scary, the power of money".