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As expected, the news that I had become an expulsion candidate had already reached Kushida’s ears.

“Oh don’t tell me that you wanted me to clue you in just because of our cooperative relationship, okay? If I leaked any information to you, I’d be the one being targeted next time, after all~”

Of course, this probably wasn’t her real reason for not telling me.

“Who did you hear about it from? That you’re being targeted.”

Kushida’s interests lay in finding out who told me I was being targeted.

“They were anonymous.”

“Hmph. Then at least tell me one thing. What did this anonymous person tell you?”

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What did they say, huh?

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I stayed silent since I had no intention of answering that question.

“You’re quite the smart one, aren’t cha Ayanokōji-kun? You’re probably thinking you should be careful to avoid saying anything important.”

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“Whatever you’re getting at is going over my head. What do you want to know?”

“For example, did they tell you who the mastermind is? Or around how many votes there are against you?”

This meant Kushida wanted to know the finer details of what Kei had told me. If she told Kei that half the class had agreed to vote for me and told other students the number was one third, she’d be able to narrow down who had leaked the information.

“It seems we’re both trying to read into each other’s intentions.”

“Could it be that you’re the mastermind, Kushida?”