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“Hmm? What? You don’t want to get a present from someone who’s about to reject you-“

“No, I’m thinking sex toys really reflect your sexual fetishes.”

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“Why would you think that my present is a sex toy!?”

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“Eh? Isn’t it because senpai always considers the person before sending gifts? If that’s the case, the only option for me is sex toys.”

“That singular-choice question is so pathetic. Konoha-san, …it’s almost time for us to consider our relationship and characters.”

“Ah, is the rejection event already happening?”

“No, not yet. I’m saying that this is a much more important thing to do.”

“Ah, forget that. Please let me try that sex toy.”

“I said it’s not a sex toy!”

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How many times did she make me say “sex toys” in the past couple of seconds? Talking about sex toys while searching for hentai games in a closed room with a beautiful girl, perhaps this is really worse than normal cheating. Am I just overthinking this? I’m very sorry, Tendou-san.

I cleared my throat and took the game wrapped in gifting paper out.

Konoha-san looked clearly dissatisfied.

“Isn’t it just a game if you can’t use it for sexual purposes?”

“Yeah, it’s just a game, after all.”

“Hey, but at least I know senpai touched this.”