Mobile phone teacher online answer

Mobile phone teacher online answer

ーBut I can’t bring myself to.

「Iron Cutting Style – Rust-Off!」

Towards the looming downwards swing, I sidestepped half a body to the left, and scooped up his sluggish right leg with my scabbard.


Suddenly, with one leg scooped up, he lost his balance and fell down on his butt.

Then, I pointed the tip of my sword at his neck which was full of openings.

「-The match is over.」


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The match is over.

Since I won in a one-vs-one match, won’t you guys just recognise me already?

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To be honest, I don’t want to fight a one-vs-three match.

In the first place, I never wanted such a futile match

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While thinking about that, I heard an intense booing from somewhere.

「Oi wait, Allen! That is unfair! You promised a one-vs-three mock battle! This result is invalid, invalid I say! I cancel this with my authority as the president」.

Yes, it was Leia-sensei.

(This person… no, this woman… what kind of an ally is she…?!)

As my eyebrows started twitching in anger, I took a deep breath and held it.

If I get flared up here, I will be acting just as she wants.

In this situation, ignoring or responding to her would be the best outcome.