Online Taobao praise to make money

Online Taobao praise to make money

“Let’s go back to the question at the beginning.

“Why did I say that Fish-Catching Internet Cafe, Fish-Catching Take-Out, the Sloth Apartments, Thriller Hostel, the Fully-Automated Bickering Machines, Deposit Fitness, and even ROF, Otto Technologies, Upwind Logistics, and so on were all extensions of the concept behind Struggle?

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“It’s because all of those businesses incorporate both of those points.

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“Those businesses’ products look more expensive than those of their competitors in their respective industries, but they all provide better user experience. You might spend a bit more money, but what would you save?

“You would save attention and focus!

“Take Deposit Fitness, for example. Everyone knows that it’s much more expensive than ordinary gyms, but in ordinary gyms, one would have to supervise themselves to train every day and keep to a reasonable diet. Sometimes, one would go to the gym and find it extremely crowded. There would be lines at machines that would waste time.

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“On the other hand, Deposit Fitness organizes its customers’ daily schedule and meals and guarantees that customers would be able to train immediately upon arrival. That way, customers would save a lot of attention, which they can spend on other areas of their lives.

“Fish-Catching Take-Out adopts a similar principle. It’s more expensive—even more expensive than if one cooked at home, but can the freshness of the food served by other take-out companies even compare to Fish-Catching Take-Out? Would the former’s food contain too much salt and oil? Even if you cooked on your own, you would have to go out and buy your own ingredients, prepare them, wash them, learn recipes, and cook the food. All in all, that could take you at least half an hour.

“On the other hand, if you choose to order from Fish-Catching Take-Out, you would be able to save some attention and focus and spend them on more important things.

“The Fully-Automated Bickering Machine and Sloth Apartments place the same emphasis on people’s attention as well, forcing them to think seriously and carefully.

“As for Thriller Hostel...

“After posting my previous video, I’ve been forced to think about what it was missing.

“Now, I finally understand that my previous video lacked the expression of Boss Pei’s mindset. That’s why it didn’t seem persuasive to many people.

“Now, I should add Thriller Hostel into the scope of the Tengda Life and think about its significance again carefully.

“The Tengda Life is the way of life that Boss Pei endorses. To Boss Pei, to be silent is to be minimalistic and learn to play with the Bickering Machine; to be active is to visit haunted houses, and take roller coasters and pendulum rides.

“People have reported before that Boss Pei loves extreme sports. He often invites his friends to take pendulum rides and roller coasters, go skydiving, and visit haunted houses.

“Why does Boss Pei love these activities so much? Is it purely out of personal interest? It doesn’t seem like it.

“When he wants to think, he can think late into the night while staring at a mind map of his various businesses in Fish-Catching Internet Cafe.