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And, as they were fellow members of the same group, I didn’t think that Amasawa would do anything cruel to Nanase either.

“The fact that Amasawa managed to make it until now as a student of the White Room means that she’s a threat. It’s vitally important that you don’t underestimate her due to gender or age.”

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“I’m not clear on all the details, but from what you’re saying she must be an extremely dangerous opponent.”

In terms of pure combat power, you could say that Amasawa was even a step above the likes of Sudō and Ryūen. While they may have her beat in terms of raw physical strength, she’d definitely be far, far ahead of them when it comes to technique and experience. No matter how hard she tried, Nanase herself probably wouldn’t stand a ghost of a chance against her.

“You have your other group member, Hōsen, to watch out for as well.”

“Yes. Given his sheer strength, he’s not an opponent I can handle either.”

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Nanase nodded along, clearly believing herself to have understood, but Hōsen’s overwhelming physical strength wasn’t the only thing that made him dangerous.

You’d be better off thinking of Hōsen as the type of person who has more than just raw physical power going for him.

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“I think it’s extremely unlikely that Hōsen is a White Room student, but after what happened with Amasawa, I’m not so sure about that anymore. In any case, put my matters on the back burner for the time being and just focus on protecting yourself.”

That is, of course, assuming that her primary goal doesn’t turn out to be getting me kicked out of school.

“I’m not afraid of getting expelled, Ayanokōji-senpai. I’ll do anything if it means protecting you, no matter the cost.”

Rather than offering advice, my words had been meant as more of a warning, but based on her response it didn’t seem like the message had gotten through.

“Let me put it slightly differently for you then, Nanase. It’s possible that your careless actions may cause me unintended problems. I want you to avoid doing anything that may put me at risk.”

I conveyed to her that this wasn’t me being apprehensive or worried about what would become of her, but what would, by extension, become of me.

Upon doing so, Nanase’s valiant, loyal demeanor changed into that of a meek, frail puppy.

“That… That would be unacceptable of me. I can’t be causing you any more trouble than I already have…”

“If that’s really true, then in any case, I just ask that you be careful. Got it?”

“I understand, I promise.”

Having told her all of this, I felt fairly confident that she wouldn’t do anything reckless.