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In the video, Zhang Zuting appeared reluctant and helpless.

“Everyone in the country is laughing at me now.

“They are imitating how I speak. Hello, eberyone! I am Zha Zhuti. If you’re my brother, come nibble at me…

“Many of my fans asked me this question. Why was I so awkward in the commercial when I won the best actor in the Film Award?

“Actually, I treated my performance bery seriously that day. During the first take, I was so passionate and devoted to my performance. However, the business partner wanted me to be more languid and casual. They wanted me to be less serious so I can appear more approachable to the viewers.

“After that, I just said my lines very casually. Never did I expect that take would be used.

“I have emphasized and suggested that we should find a dubbing actor. I do not really speak good Mandarin Chinese. (Many Hong Kongers speak Cantonese, which is a Chinese dialect, instead of Mandarin Chinese.) However, they did not do so in the end and just used my original recording. I do not really understand what happened either.

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“When the advertisement became viral, I suggested that we should replace some shots, and yet the business partner declined the offer. That’s how things turned out dis way. “Actually, I am also still very unsure why tings turned out dis way either.”

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The interview was laughing at his accent. “Have you ever thought about terminating the partnership with the other party?”

Zhang Zuting shook his head reluctantly. “No. Other than this advertisement, I had enjoyed working with the business partner. They were great.

“Since everyone likes to call me Zha Zhuti, just go ahead with it as long as that makes everyone happy. If everyone thinks that the nickname was more approachable and fun, you can just call me that. I’m fine with that.”

The interviewer asked, “So, the advertisement did not actually cause such a huge burden to you, is that so?”

Zhang Zuting did not know how to answer that question instantly. He thought for a while before replying, “Burden… not really. The most troubling thing for me was that my friends are laughing at me for that, including Ah Jian, Ah Xiong, and Jiaqiang.