Which of the online answers can be most profitable?

Which of the online answers can be most profitable?

I collapsed onto the bench. …My freezing cheeks are burning like fire now. Although I almost died from embarrassment, I still wrapped my hands around my head and started twisting around.

“No, no, no, this is too, uh, a bit, how should I put it? Well…!”

Embarrassment, guilt, anxiety, confusion, …and a sense of happiness that I feel sorry for. All of these emotions mixed together and overwhelmed me. I ended up struggling at the lonely bus stop for a while.

“AHHHHHHH! My chest! My chest feels so itchy, and I can’t handle it! UWAHHHHH, what is this! What is this!”

I kept scratching my brain and chest until I’m exhausted. …I bet Chiaki’s so embarrassed that she’s kicking her legs around on the bus as well. Seriously, what is this?

The loner that’s struggling because someone did something unexpected to him, and the loner that’s struggling because she did something she wouldn’t do.

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-The northern starry sky that’s sparkling above us is just as beautiful today.

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December 24, Sunday. 2 PM.

“Kousei, you’re really not going to the Christmas party with me?”

After I got on my shoes, I turned my head around and asked my little brother – Kousei Amano. He leaned on the wall of the corridor as he crossed his arms and answered me with a bitter smile.

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“Nope. I don’t feel comfortable going to a Christmas party full of senpais.”

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“Really? Ah, but think about it, the party ended up at Hoshinomori’s home because their parents aren’t there. So, Konoha-san will be there as well.”

“About the part where brother thinks that this is the reason why I may go to the party, I’ll investigate this seriously later. However, I’m really not trying to be polite. Please don’t worry about me.”

“Chiaki’s home feels super comfy.”

“Well, I do think that I should pay a visit to my older brother’s wife.”