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There were only two subjects left for the exam week. One was opened-book and the other was closed-book.

Strictly speaking, the difficulty of the examinations would not be too low. It would not be easy to get high scores either. However, as long as one was familiar with the notes and materials, they would be able to get a good score. Thus, they did not need to spend too much effort.

For Pei Qian, the closed-book exam was much more difficult. He had to memorize everything after all. He would not be able to do anything if he could not memorize it. There was no room for him to fool around.

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Thus, Pei Qian still spent most of his energy on the closed-book exam. He wanted to make a breakthrough with his own hard work, not just pass the exam.

He should at least score 65 or 70 points, right?

It would be hard for Pei Qian to tell if it was because of his hard work or because of the examiner’s hard work if he scored 60 marks. If it was 65 or 70 marks, it would definitely be because of his hard work!

There was a huge difference.

When he arrived at the study room, Pei Qian opened his notebook and placed his cell phone in a place that he could not reach. Then, he began to revise.

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Last weekend, almost all of the news in the E-Sports circle had been divided between IOI’s global finals and the GPL’s Spring Competition. What’s more, they had managed to emerge out of the top eight. Even people who did not pay attention to E-Sports obtained these news through various channels.

More accurately, 99%!o(MISSING)f the news regarding the IOI Finals was related to FV Club.

As the last contestant in the country, the 3:0 victory over the veteran European team, CEM, made the Chinese audience feel proud. Without a doubt, they would receive all the attention and applause.

Long Yu Corporation might be to influence the local media to a certain extent but Long Yu Corporation was helpless in this situation.