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“So, a written agreement? Let me ask you something, just for reference… Could you tell me how many points would I earn from this?”

“To a degree that is up to your ability.”

“Could the person who is in charge, here, explain it to me? Katsuragi for example, or maybe Sa…”

The moment I spoke the name, the expression of one of the boys changed drastically.

“Why are you bringing up the name of Katsuragi?”

“I heard some rumours that the representative of A class is Katsuragi.”

“Do not make me laugh. The leader of A class is Sakayanagi, not Katsuragi. You may go already.”

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The students of A class opened the way as there wasn’t anything to do with me anymore and then disappeared. Apparently, these two were Katsuragi’s enemies. Then, were these guys working under Sakayanagi’s orders? Was Sakayanagi really the one who gave instructions around here?

This was something that I had to make clear.

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In order to check how C Class was doing, I looked around the base camp that was close to seashore. Until yesterday, this place was loud as if there was a festival going on but now it was just quiet with flies flying all around.

“Hey, you scared me, seriously. I thought you were strange but not to this extent.”

I was just vaguely looking around at the shore view when two people came out walking from behind me, pretending that they knew who I was.

“Did you come here to spy too, Ayanokouji?”

It was Ichinose and Kanzaki from B Class. I wondered if these two came to see how C Class was doing.