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“No, it’s not! Uehara-kun, as his dearest friend, you must get it, right? No one in this world has a better soul than he does! Compared to that, how dirty must Karen Tendou’s soul be!?”

“What’s with your pathetic confidence? Well, I do understand Tendou’s reason as well.”

Uehara-kun fell silent after hearing our reasons. Tendou-san and I started asking even more viciously.

“No, Tendou-san is the best girl!”

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“No, Amano-kun is the ultimate lifeform!”

“What the hell?”

The other three are already looking at us with a dead fish’s eyes. After seeing their faces, even Tendou-san and I got quieter. We cleared our throats.

“Anyway, that’s why we started fighting. However, that’s at most the initial cause. Our argument isn’t that related to that.”

“Hmm? In other words?”

I smiled bitterly.

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“Just like what you saw in the morning, at this point, Tendou-san and I are just having a normal fight. It’s already not really related to our child. Right now, we’re just venting out our dissatisfaction for each other in the past…”

“Although I love Amano-kun, your indecisiveness really pisses me off.”

“That’s my line, Tendou-san. Although I love Tendou-san, you always overthink things. Honestly, I’m having a hard time following up.”

“Ara ara, filthy casuals. You can’t be helped…”

“Tck, you and your attitude are why tryhards are hated in this world!”

The fuse was ignited again during our conversation.

Then, …finally-

Uehara-kun and the others understood something and smiled gently.