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「Logically thinking, that must be so, but… You can’t find a swordsman who can beat Allen that easily though…」

Ria and Rose were exchanging thoughts with a serious expression.

「Due to the lack of information, it’s difficult to estimate the enemy, but… No matter what kind of enemy they might be, Allen-kun will never lose… Right?」

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The president said so, and tilted her head adorably.

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There was a strong hint of faith in her eyes, and… It kinda made me feel shy.

「A-Ahahaha… I’ll try my best.」

As I answered humbly with a wry smile,

「Fufu, a very Allen-like response.」

She chuckled and smiled softly.

And once the bright atmosphere returned,

「Well then, we can’t make Bacchus-san wait too long, so let’s go get the gliders!」

The president spoke brightly.

Then we quickly recovered the gliders and flew toward Bacchus-san’s house.

Under Rose’s guidance, we flew through the sky and arrived at Bacchus-san’s home in less than ten minutes.