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Everyone knew that the reason why “Fantasy Battle ” had maintained a good vitality was partly because the E-Sports competition was still doing well. On the other hand, it was because there was a large amount of community homemade content. The various RPG maps that players created could be said to have lasted for a long time.

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However, once this agreement was changed, players would not be able to retain ownership of the map that they designed. If the map became popular, players would not be able to retain their research and development results and could only hand it over.

In fact, similar agreements had been made two years ago when Starcraft was released. However, because there were not many outstanding works in Starcraft’s map editor, this agreement did not cause much of a stir at that time.

On the other hand, the news of the revision of the user’s clauses in the Fantasy War Version at this critical juncture was simply sending ammunition to the critics!

Many gamers had already gone to various games websites to farm low ratings for the Fantasy Battle Remake. Many gamers had even called for the website’s lowest rating game to be increased by 10 points, so that the last place would be the lowest in the entire game!

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All in all, Fantasy Battle Remake had been highly anticipated and pre-ordered before it was released. However, after it was released, it immediately experienced a slide in its reputation. Its ratings plummeted, and there was a lot of criticism. Players who pre-ordered it were refunding it, and those who did not buy it would naturally not take the initiative to eat this sh*t.

They did not expect that this once masterpiece would fail to maintain its integrity. Its reputation and sales volume exploded!

After surfing the internet, Qiao Liang could not help but feel emotional.

“Who would have thought that ‘Fantasy Battle Remake’ would end up like this?”

“If I told others ten days ago that ‘Fantasy Battle Remake’ would be like this, everyone would think that I’m crazy.”

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“Especially when compared to Mission and Choice, the difference is even greater!”

“The original humiliation of the domestic games industry was made into a real 3A masterpiece, while the original classic game was made into a pile of sh*t...”