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It’s a good thing to have goals, but you have to stop telling me such horrifying things! Pei Qian remained silent for a moment.

“…I remember that Wang Xiaobin wanted to do standalone games.”

Before deciding to create Bloody Battle Song: The Powerful Version, Pei Qian conducted a simple ballot. He made each of Shang Yang Games’ employees come up with a plan and then randomly chose one to work on among them all.

He remembered that Wang Xiaobin had proposed a standalone game that did not desire to gain credit but merely hoped not to make any mistakes.

At the time, Pei Qian had thought that the standalone game’s lower limit was not low enough. Although there was a possibility that such a game would fail, the chances of failure were not as high as Bloody Battle Song: The Powerful Version.

That was why he did not select it.

Yet, now, Pei Qian was beginning to regret his decision.

If it was possible, Pei Qian did not mind mending the pen after losing the sheep. He could retrieve the standalone game’s proposal and make it Shang Yang Games’s new project.

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Lin Wan smiled. “That’s right. Wang Xiaobin did want to do standalone games. However, I remember Boss Pei commenting that the game was too conservative and mediocre. It was not creative enough.”

Pei Qian cleared his throat. “That was then, and now is now. I’m hoping to make some adjustments to his proposal in order to make it more ‘special’. That proposal was not bad, to tell you the truth.”

Pei Qian tried to appear genuine.

Lin Wan smiled subtly, thinking that Boss Pei was just trying to comfort his employees. “I understand what you mean, Boss Pei. Wang Xiaobin did try to edit his proposal based on your comments.

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“However, while he did that, Repent and be Saved was released.”

Pei Qian was confused. “?”

Lin Wan explained, “At first, Wang Xiaobin had many ideas that he thought were acceptable. However, after seeing Repent and be Saved, he felt like his concepts had been undermined. At the same time, his confidence suffered a huge blow.

“He thought that no matter how much he edited his original idea, he would never be able to reach Repent and be Saved’s standard. Comparatively, he thought his game was a piece of trash. That was why he decided to throw his proposal away and come up with an entirely new one. “After that… he ended up with nothing definite.