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“That doesn’t make sense at all!”

Others could not figure out why ‘Fantasy Battle Remake’ was so trashy, what more Pei Qian!

However, such a ridiculous thing had happened. Who should he reason with?

His cell phone which was on the table rang. Pei Qian picked it up and saw that it was a message from He An.

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The old man was more well-nourished. He always slept early and woke up early. Obviously, he had just found out about the news of Fantasy Battle Remake.

He An looked very excited as he sent several voice messages.

“Wow, Boss Pei, could it be that you had foresaw that the ‘Fantasy Battle Remake’ would be so lousy?”

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“Otherwise, why would you dare to sell ‘Mission and Choice’ and ‘Fantasy Battle Remake’ on the same day?”

“Yes, actually, now that I think about it, there are some signs of the failure of ‘Fantasy Battle Remake’. I could tell from some clues earlier.”

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“For example, the few games that were released in recent years have been deteriorating and have gradually lost the reputation of ‘products must be top-quality’. When dealing with players’ feedback problems, they appear very arrogant and always ‘teaching players how to play games’...”

“What’s more, ‘Fantasy Battle Remake’ always covered up the information before it was released. There was also some negative news.”

“It’s just that everyone trusts this game too much. That’s why they neglected this small negative information. They wishfully thought that this game would continue to be a classic...”

“Could it be that Boss Pei, just based on this information, you can tell that ‘Fantasy Battle Remake’ is likely to fail and that it would be a crushing defeat? Is that why you brought forward the release date of ‘Mission and Choice’ to this day?”

“Wait, the timing is so coincidental. Don’t tell me you’ve already thought about it from the beginning when you decided on the game genre and theme? Even though the news of the release of Fantasy Battle Remake was only announced last month, all sorts of rumors had already spread. Could it be that you’ve estimated the rough time the game would be released and confirmed the development time for ‘Mission and Choice ‘...”

He An was old and he takes a long time to type but he still sent voice messages very quickly. One message after another quickly filled the screen.