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"We will not, of course, disregard the parent's opinion. If you wish for his expulsion then along with Kiyotaka-kun and the school, we will conduct a three way discussion until we reach a consensus".

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Which is another way of saying no to expulsion.

It's safe to assume that man no longer has any cards up his sleeve here.

"I certainly cannot force the impossible on your field. However, if that's your answer then all I have to do is change my approach".

"What are you planning on doing? If you intend on doing something extreme---".

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"I understand. I have no intention of putting pressure on you".

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The fact that this man, who specializes in that aspect, is not going to do so shows that he cannot do so here.

"There should be no problem if Kiyotaka's expulsion occurs using the school's own rules as its basis".

"Yes, I can promise you that. I will not give him special treatment just because he's your son, Sensei".

"Then that'll be all. I'm leaving".

That man stood up from the sofa.

"When shall we meet again?".

"At the very least, we'll never meet again here".

"I'll see you off then".


As that man refused to be sent off, I spoke to him.

"If you call yourself a parent, why not come visit this school a couple of times?".

"A place like this? Once is more than enough".