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A week before the tournament, I focused on relaxing to get myself in the best physical and mental condition possible.

And the morning greeted me, I slept well, not having any trouble sleeping due to nervousness.

“Hmm... it’s finally here.”

There was no sense of discomfort in my body.

I felt a warrior’s tremor.

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This feeling was the same one I had before the Commemorative Match.

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“Come to think of it, my match... in the end, what happened after I left? Was it canceled? Well, no matter, this time... I will go all the way.”

In the Commemorative Match, due to the intrusion of my mother and father and my running from home occurring back to back, and I wasn’t able to compete until the end.

But this time I will give it my all.

『Full of confidence, are you not?』

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“But I can’t let my guard down, and I won’t underestimate my opponents. It’s about time I had at least one title to my name.”

『Is that so?』

Yes, this was a checkpoint. But still, I want victory now.

I’ve done a lot of things since I was a kid.

But I’ve never been the ‘best’ at anything.

Not in swordsmanship, magic, grades, piano recitals, painting contests, and so on.

Somehow, I have never been crowned the winner or gotten first place, losing to the Princess, Rebal and Fu.

That’s why I want it.