Online questionnaire survey to make money scam

Online questionnaire survey to make money scam

“I’ll inform Bao Xu later that the travel agency will plan slowly. It would be best if he were to plan for a month. Once these two people return from their holiday happily, I’ll arrange for them to go out seamlessly!”

“I’ll also let you experience the joy of ‘seamless connection’!”

Pei Qian did not call them back immediately. Instead, he decided to make them happy for a month before settling the score.

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When he arrived at the office, Pei Qian took a cup of coffee and opened the work reports of the various departments.

On the whole, there was nothing worth paying attention to.

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After all, Tengda’s various departments’ projects were basically following Pei Qian’s settlement cycle. Many projects had just started to be developed. It was not time to show their true colors yet.

Finally, Pei Qian opened Tengda Games’ report.

“Yes, just as I expected. Eternal Reincarnation has officially started its development.”

“There’s nothing much at GOG either.”


“What the hell is this?!”

The work report contained not only daily work content but also some news related to the department.

However, an inconspicuous piece of news struck Pei Qian like lightning!

“The official platform has once again raised the level of our company. Due to the outstanding contributions that Tengda Games, Shang Yang Games, and Slow Movement Studio have made to the game industry, the official platform has decided to change our split with the platform from 70 to 90%! (MISSING)We are 90%!”(MISSING)