Internet, said the Internet is really the money

Internet, said the Internet is really the money


Actually, I’m not disappointed. …It’s more like things like prices or my chocolate are nothing compared to this letter filled with feelings and effort…

However, Keita seems to think that I’m very disappointed with the letter. He searched and grabbed something new from his schoolbag again. Ah, this boy is still the same. Instead of saying he’s dense, it’s more he’s not confident. …Well, but I’m not in a position to say this too.

By the way, what else does he have for me?

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From Keita’s perspective, it seems that this is more important than the letter. However, something that can send more feelings than that letter shouldn’t exist-

-During this time, the long-awaited love detective, Chiaki Hoshinomori, is here!


I realized that was the only possibility. My body can’t help but tremble.

There’s nothing else. It’s the only one.

Something that’s more special and contains more feelings than that letter.

That object is famous for its immense feelings in the world of love. You can even call it the ultimate item.

Isn’t there something like this in the world!?

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“…Ah, I found it.”