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“Ahem, I won’t hug his arms like Hoshino. However…”

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“However? Ah, don’t tell me Agu-nee wants to say it’s okay to hold hands?”

“Hey, hey, Aguri, I have to interrupt here as your boyfriend…”

Chiaki and Uehara-kun reacted before Aguri-san could answer.

“Ahaha, I’ll never hold hands with Amanocchi. It’s disgusting.”

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She rejected me with a smile. That hurts, you know? But I don’t hate holding hands with Aguri-san. So, if you’re saying how much I can tolerate, that would be-

Just as I thought of an answer-


Aguri-san smiled and said the same answer.

“I’m fine with bathing together with Amanocchi.”

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“Why!? It’s not fine at all!”

Uehara-kun suddenly stood up and yelled at Aguri-san with a pale face. Chiaki’s the same when I look at her. …Well, even Tendou-san, who’s in an argument with me, started blushing and trembling.

(…E-Eh? Was Aguri-san’s answer that problematic?)

I’m secretly sweating while everyone’s staring at Aguri-san. …Ah, that was close. I would have agreed to what she said if Uehara-kun didn’t say anything. “Ah, I think so too.” I would’ve said that. Phew, that was close. …Even though I don’t have any particular feelings about it.

Well, think about it, alright? You should think about my family. Although it’s a bit embarrassing to hold my little brother’s hands now, there’s no problem with going to the bathhouse or hot springs together, right?