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「Impossible…!? What is this ridiculous output…!?」

「Nuh, Guh, OOOOOOOOOO!?」

The jet-black darkness devoured his flames, and Zack, swallowed by the darkness, was blown far away.

I somehow managed to repel Zack, and

「Haa Haa…」

Heavily breathing, I dropped my gaze on my right hand.

「What… happened……?」

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That moment when I was completely absorbed in unleashing a straight right.

A tremendous density of『Black Something』was produced in my hand.

(That’s right… It was very similar to the feeling of when I annihilated Dark Roar in the finals of the First-Year War …)

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If there is one difference, it is the power.

At that time, the scale and destructive power was not as excessive as it was this time.

And above all – this amount of jet-black darkness was not produced.

(What the hell… is this power…?)

When I was thinking about that – a huge pillar of fire rose from afar.