Fun broadcast lottery online faction

Fun broadcast lottery online faction

All of those desks were huge!

Why were all the desks separated so far from one another – was the rental for this place free or what?

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They could almost play badminton between the desks!

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Each desk was equipped with two high-end and large monitors – a single look was enough to tell that these were expensive stuff.

At the windowsill, there were rows of plants. Each of them looked costly and there was even a gardener taking care of them tenderly.

Huang Sibo felt as though he had transmigrated into those teenage idol dramas.

This was how companies were depicted within them.

However, reality was often a far cry from it.

Still, he lamented over what a pity it was that he wouldn’t be able to join this company given its high requirements.

He walked towards the front desk and reported his name – since he was here, he might as well go through with it.

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“Give me a moment. I’ll inform the interviewer.”

The receptionist on the left replied with a huge smile. Not only was her service 10/10, her smile was equally therapeutic.

“Please follow me.”

Carrying a radiant beam, the receptionist stood up and led Huang Sibo in.

To his surprise, he found the company somewhat empty.

His first reaction was that of worry, wondering if he had been scammed.

However, when he saw the interiors of the company, he knew that that wasn’t the case.