How does the job doing money online

How does the job doing money online

Boss Pei was now sitting steadily on the fishing platform after all. He was not in a hurry to sell the broadcasting rights for ICL league. It could be sold to just one company or many other companies.

The reason why Boss Pei did not make things clear was obviously because he wanted to see the sincerity of the live-stream platforms. If they were not sincere, Boss Pei would definitely remember them.

Considering the popularity of the ICL league, 13 million yuan was a high but sincere price.

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The money might be a little high, but Long Yu Corporation and Bunny Tail Live-Stream had invested a lot of resources and taken the risk in order to promote the ICL league. These platforms could only be considered to be picking fruits. It was reasonable to pay a premium.

As for the live-stream content that was attached to the money, there were obviously only two types.

The first was competitions and programs with exclusive broadcasting rights. If they gave the broadcast rights to Bunny Tail live-stream, they would be able to lose a certain amount of money. The other was streamers. Those who did not get along with the platform could take the opportunity to send them away.

For example, one of the live-stream platforms was having a conflict with one of their own big streamers.

The platform had hinted many times to this streamer to ask for gifts from the audience and play the rankings. However, this streamer had repeatedly rejected it. He had signed a huge contract but was unable to generate enough profit for the website. The Vice-President of the platform had long disliked him. He could take this opportunity to reduce the price of this contract to a portion of the money needed to sell the broadcasting rights of the ICL league.

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While the platforms were still paying the live-streamers’ salaries, it was still quite appropriate to get rid of an unprofitable live-streamer in exchange for the live-stream rights of the ICL league.

What surprised Zhao Xuming and Chen Yufeng was that there were five live-stream platforms bidding this time!

The main reason was this special way of paying.

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They did not have to take out 13 million yuan directly. Instead, they take out seven to eight million yuan and use the other content resources of the platform to make up the value Some exclusive content would be distributed to Bunny Tail’s live-stream in exchange for the broadcasting rights of the ICL league. These platforms felt that they did not lose out.

Thus, some cash-strapped live-stream platforms were also tempted.

The broadcasting rights for this ICL league were different from before.

Before this, no one was sure if it would be popular or not. That was why everyone was hesitant and did not act decisively. Now that they saw Boss Pei taking the lead and the ICL league getting better, several large live-stream platforms were scrambling for it...

The other live-streaming platforms naturally could not sit still!

It was just like a product. Most passers-by would not take a second look if there were no customers around. However, everyone would have to take a look if there were people around!

Therefore, the vice-presidents of these platforms bid one after another and looked at Chen Yufeng expectantly.

These exclusive live-streaming resources and streamers were lacking in Bunny Tail Live-Streams, however, they were in fact more or less ‘forcefully pieced together’.