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September 10th, Saturday...

The Management Trainees had their regular meeting, but there was no news worth taking note of.

Ever since He An posted that long post on Weibo about Struggle’s deeper meaning, the game’s sales and reputation had been ballooning.

Once Struggle was termed a Product of the Gods, many UP Masters on Aili Island began to give live commentaries on it. Due to the time difference, most UP Masters only uploaded one or two episodes. However, a couple of more popular UP Masters saw terrifying effects from their large fanbase. Almost immediately, their fans clicked on their pages and gave them millions of views.

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Although many people were watching the playthroughs online, a significant number of people were also buying the game after watching those videos.

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They each had different mindsets.

Some thought that, despite having watched others play it, the game had a variety of options. Thus, they could only experience it best if they played it themselves.

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Others thought that it did not matter whether they played it or not, but they had to make sure they owned a classic game like that. That would make them happier about their game collection.

Still, others thought that everyone made choices based on the world that they liked more. If they liked a game, a film, or a book; they had to spend money to support it. The more supporters there were, the more such works would be created.

If they thought that something was not bad but didn’t support it, there would be less of it in the future, and they wouldn’t be able to complain.

Similarly, if they thought that something was not bad and showed their support, there would be more and more of such good products. The credit would belong to all supporters. Even if they simply praised the brand or product, they could still say that they did something.

On top of that, the official platform had done a lot to publicize Struggle.

Hu Xianbin and the others were rushing to create an English version and send it overseas.

That was because the game had an international background to begin with, and they spoke in English. All the characters inside had Western features, and so the game would be that much more acceptable to a foreign audience.

Of course, before it was released, no one knew whether a foreign audience would enjoy the game or not. No one knew if the foreigners would be able to decipher the meaning behind the game without a proper interpretation of it.