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“Hey, come on, now. When in trouble, it is the time for a friend to come to the rescue, right? Sakura?

“Eh? Ye… yes.”

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Looking like she is shrinking, Sakura hid behind my back and bowed her head in agreement. Yamauchi did not make any actual conversation with her, but it is a good chance for Sakura to increase her circle of friends.

We decided to collect branches in the vicinity so that we’re not too distant from the base camp. In a place not too far away from the camp, the three of us spread out picking up branches.

“Hey, look, Ayanokouji. I want you to keep this a secret between you and me.”

Yamauchi, holding a branch in his hand, approached me whispering into my ear:

“I… am thinking of having my eyes on Sakura.”


“Nah, isn’t Kushida-chan on a higher level? Her communication skills are also superb. That’s why I was thinking of giving up on that eminent target on this occasion. Compared to her, Sakura can’t get used to guys at all as if she’s bad with people on purpose. To be honest, I was thinking of going as far as I can go on this trip. Perhaps that girl will fall for a guy who’s kind and caring. I will go after her until I get a kiss at least. No, really. It’s okay if it’s Sakura on this occasion. No – Sakura’s good!”

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“On this occasion… You haven’t been involved even once with Sakura until now. It’s quite unexpected.”

“Nah, look, I feel sorry for not seeing it earlier. She didn’t catch my attention because she is plain, but she’s really cute. Is she an idol? Her breasts are already at their finest. Even when she wears a jersey you can see them completely, it’s very noticeable.“ He started doing massage movements while having naughty thoughts.

His reason for suddenly feeling like helping out was that, it seems. It looked like a backup measure after giving up on his favorite Kushida. I can’t think of Sakura being pleased with that. I wished for an event to happen where Yamauchi would start liking Sakura for real.

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“So please, help me. For instance, you could leave us to be alone from now.”

“I’m not saying I’ll help you with that…”

“What? Are you after Sakura maybe? Those boobies!”