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This likely had something to do with her third goal.

“The third is to avoid participating in any monetary exchanges. I intend to take action with these three principles in mind.”

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“Eh…? B-but…”

“I understand what you want to say. We won’t win at all if we don’t compete with private points. But, even if we fight using every point that our class has, the risks simply don’t outweigh the returns. Let’s say we managed to get first place overall. In that case we’d only get 50 class points. Spread that out over the course of a year and the class would only end up with just over 2 million points.”

With 5000 points per month multiplied by a total of 39 people, subtracting the points that had already been distributed in April, we’d receive a total of 2,145,000 points over the course of the remaining eleven months.

“Assuming that we’d be spending 500,000 per person, we’d be in the red after five people. You’re not so optimistic that you’d think we can win overall with only four first-years with A-rated Academic Ability, are you?”

Even if we were to carry that forward for the next two years, that is, until graduation, that would only be 4,485,000 private points. We’d only be able to draw in a maximum of eleven people. Moreover, this was based on the prerequisite that we not only recruit them for 500,000 points at the very most, but take first place in the overall class ranking as well. Given the risks, it would most likely be more efficient to wait for a future special exam and make use of our private points then.

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“Private points aren’t equal to class points. I’m well aware that there’s more to it than just what we get in return. However, I think that even if we pooled all of our points together, our chances of winning would be slim to none, so we shouldn’t try and force it. Am I wrong, Ayanokōji-kun?”

“No. Your deduction is correct.”

Originally, the difference in academic skill between Class 2-D and Class 2-A was painfully obvious. I didn’t think we’d have the advantage needed to win overall, even if we managed to recruit eleven people. Of course, Horikita would probably adapt to the needs of the situation. I could imagine that she’d be willing to provide private points if there was somebody who’d lend a hand for 50,000-100,000. She just didn’t want the class to get caught up in a monetary battle.

“In order to meet these three goals, I still think we should look to negotiate with Class 1-D.”

“B-but why? With Hōsen calling the shots, they wouldn’t be willin’ to partner with us if we don’t fork over at least half a million, right?”