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A few minutes later, more people entered the shop and sat down.

Zhang Yuan was stunned. “Eh?”

Those people looked so eager. They could not be merely interested in playing games. They must have found out about Fish-Catching Internet Cafe’s giveaways. That was the only explanation for their enthusiasm!

At about 3 PM, Fish-Catching Internet Cafe was filled. Some people could not find empty seats and left dejected, hoping to try their luck at other branches.

Zhang Yuan could not help but feel emotional when he saw the fully-booked Fish-Catching Internet Cafe.

“So that was the reason! Boss Pei already knew that whether we advertised the giveaway or not, the internet cafe would be filled. In that case, there was no point in wasting money on advertising!

“I must learn from Boss Pei’s meticulous planning and thriftiness!”

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At that moment Pei Qian rubbed his temples, feeling an oncoming headache. Although he had planned everything quite well, a bunch of problems had surfaced during the execution stage!

This was especially so for Fish-Catching Internet Cafe’s giveaways. Pei Qian realized he had been too naive.

Who said that gamers wouldn’t find out about the event if he didn’t advertise it?

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It was only the afternoon of the first day, and yet gamers had already taken up all the seats in the Fish-Catching Internet Cafes!

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Pei Qian could expect that Fish-Catching Internet Cafe would be fully booked for the entire week.

It was a good thing that Pei Qian reacted quickly. He immediately gave the lucky winners a monitor and peripherals, so that he could spend another sum of money.

Pei Qian wanted to continue giving out as many system units as he could. He even thought about giving out more than ten units today, but the System rejected this idea. He had no other option.

Still, on further thought, Pei Qian realized that this minor surprise had no impact on the bigger picture whatsoever.