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When I woke up, I was in a strange room.

Or rather, in a rather dirty room, there is only a bed in a simple room.

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On that strange bed I’m writhing in agony.

“What’s more, and... I’m naked!?”

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I turned over the sheets to feel a somewhat cool sensation of the passing air, and I was completely naked, not even wearing pants.

『Your clothes are over there.』

“Oh, Tre’ainar!?”

『This is the second floor of the bar. A sort of rest room, you collapsed after making a scene, and were carried here to sleep it off for a few hours.』

When he suddenly called out to me, I looked back, startled at the sound, and saw Tre’ainar, with a look of disgust, his arms folded, by the window of the room.

And, as Tre’ainar said, my clothes were neatly folded.

“Oh, I... took off my clothes.”

『Be grateful for that woman... she washed your clothes by hand during the day, dried them outside.』

“That woman...? Eh?!”

And the next moment, I was suddenly wide awake.

Why, there was an “Exchange Diary” next to my clothes, which were neatly folded.