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“…… Well…”

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Because when I met Sadiz again, I thought about graduating from Sadiz, but I didn’t think about going back to the Imperial City.

And when I think about it again…

“At least at this point… I don’t feel like going home, I don’t want to go home, I don’t have a reason to go home… right now…… I don’t feel like showing my face to the people in the Imperial City…”

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I’m not angry about Sadiz.

I’m convinced that it’s unavoidable.

On the other hand, what of the people of the Imperial City who bombarded me with abusive miscellaneous words?

Well, they saw me use the Great Demon King’s technique, hitting my hero father, and brushing off the princess’ hand.

Them criticizing me might be inevitable, but I wasn’t motivated to just let it slide when it came to the people of the Imperial City.

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“Well, won’t you ever come home?”

“…… but, the technique of the Great Demon King I used… that is…”

“It’s not just the use of the technique of the Great Demon King… you hitting your father… or anything else that I disagree with.”


At least for now, it’s not the place where I, the son of the Hero, would return to.

The “reason” for rejecting the Imperial City itself is different from the disagreement with Sadiz.