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The image of every bone in my body being broken.

The image of being kicked in the knee and then the face.

All my martial art was put out, I was killed, and the image of being destroyed was imprinted.

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I tried to fight back, but it was in vain.

His movements seem to be the final form of the steps from the ladder training, and sometimes he’s able to set counters against my attacks.

At the end, I ignored all the basics and the body techniques I had learned in the academy, and I simply lost myself to a child-like tantrum which left me ridiculously exposed.

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“Haa, ha... the heck...... What’s going on....”

Not much time has passed.

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The evening light is still in the sky, not yet night.

Well, after a few hours, Sadiz should come to get me.

However, that she’s not coming means it has not been that long.

And yet, I felt intense fatigue as if he had been fighting for hours.

『Hmm, have you been killed too much as expected? Well, was this little enough to revise your opinion of me?』

Tre’ainar looks down at me with a cool face.

『However, it seems the basic of basics in martial art have been imprinted. Later, add a shadow into your daily routine while looking into a mirror, all other physical training is just a matter of sparring.』

To be honest, I can’t make a fool of him anymore.

For me, it’s like “Even if you die and become a ghost, you can easily kill them.”

Even though I didn’t actually die, I was able to experience the feeling of actually dying.