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I averted my eyes away from Uehara-kun, and said it quietly in an attempt to bring it across casually:

"… We fought because our attitude on ‘Moe’ is different…"

"You retard!"

I was completed refuted by Uehara-kun’s loud voice. With no regards to the gaze of our classmates, he leaned towards me agitatedly.

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"What the hell! Why did you fight so hard about this with a girl you just met!?"

"Erm, how should I put this… This is how vast the gulf between our communication skills with girls are.”

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"I feel a different sort of respect towards you now! Just one short hour, and you turn from a first meeting to getting along like a one true pair, then progressed to sworn enemies! I’m not as fast as you!”

“Because I’m the type who will choose the simple options wrong even when I play galgames because I overthink things.”

"I’m starting to see why you can’t make friends!"

After venting his agitation, Uehara-kun was stupefied and sighed, then laid onto the table.

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"First Tendo, then Hoshinomori… Why did you get into a fight with someone that matches your ideals...?”

"Even if she is a girl, I won’t back down. For it concerns gaming!"

"What useless manliness you are asserting! So that’s what happens when a nerdy loner gets involved with his strange ego!”