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Ugh, it’s quite fatal when Amano-kun’s little brother hates me. …I need to work harder.

(Huh? But I think this boy treated me as the “fake girlfriend” before. However, he said “ex-girlfriend” just then…)

When I’m lost in thought, Amano-kun’s tone suddenly changed during their conversation.

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“…Right, Chiaki, there’s something, …uh, I have to tell you clearly. Can I say it, even though we’re at a place like this?”

“Huh! A…A-Alright….”

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I can feel Chiaki-san’s nervousness and determination over the phone’s speaker.


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The three of us straightened our backs.

Don’t we feel guilty from listening to the critical part of their conversation? Although we thought about that-

Even so, we still made up our minds for something we simply can’t back down. We raised our ears to those two’s conversation.

Chiaki Hoshinomori

Oh, this is it?

When Keita spoke up respectfully, this question appeared in my mind.

I put the game box back onto the shelf. Then, I slowly stopped crouching and stood up before facing Keita. After we started browsing games, I let go of his hand to take the goods. Even so, that’s still one of the happiest moments in my life.

However, after seeing him in such a solemn look, sigh, I guess it’s over. -I felt a bit lonely when I realized that.

(…I bet…he’s talking about what happened on Christmas…)