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Sensei petrified like a stone statue, hearing my reply.

「…S-Sorry, if it wasn’t my mishearing, I heard『a billion years』just now.」

「Yes. I was in that world for at least that much.」

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But it most likely didn’t surpass 20 loops, I think.


She murmured something, with her mouth hanging wide-open.

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「W-What on earth did you do for such an astronomical amount of time?」

「Let’s see… Mainly just practice-swings.」

There were times when I was developing various techniques – Flying Shadow, Hazy Moon, Dark Roar, Yatagarasu, and so on – but primarily I was always swinging.

「F-For more than a billion years, just continuously swinging!?」


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「I… see… You are a truly fearsome guy.」

Sensei said, as though astonished and exhaled loudly.

「Fuu… No, it’s nothing. Forget about that just now.」


When I gave a half-hearted reply,

「Just in case – What I told you today is a top secret that is only known to a handful of people. Don’t speak a word of it to anyone, alright?」

「Yes, I understand.」