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I…I can’t help it, …just as I’m about to give up and plop my head down directly to them-

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-At this moment, suddenly, someone called me.

I was alerted and quickly raised my face. Then, right there…


“Y-Yes, …phew.”

It’s Chiaki, she seems to be still catching her breath for some reason. I fell speechless. Then, Chiaki smiled embarrassingly and quickly explained.

“Uh, well, it’s because I’m hastily changing my clothes to come out. …Ah, no, it’s not like that, well, I was at the bath! But I saw your message just as I’m taking off my clothes. …Wait, forget about that, pretending you didn’t hear anything about me undressing!”

Chiaki seems to be explaining to herself, and she seems to be freaking out too. …This girl is still just as bad as talking to people as I do.

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Looking at her, I immediately felt...all my helplessness disappeared in a flash.

I think…there’s somewhere for me to go in this world. It’s cramped, but it’s very warm.

Once I snapped out of it, Kaburagi-san’s group seems to be looking at us with a jealous look. …To Chiaki, …I don’t feel right about this atmosphere. I can’t take it anymore if Chiaki got targeted as well.

Finally, my brain is working again. So, I urged Chiaki to walk to the stairs.

“Well, let’s go upstairs, Chiaki.”

“Eh, we’re going up?”

“I remembered it now, there’s a rest area with some vending machines on the 3rd floor. There are no tourists around, perhaps it’s a good idea.”

“Ah, really. I got it, please go there.”

“Okay, …drinks on me, as thanks.”