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Rose dropped her shoulder and sighed loudly.

「Haa… Why were you fighting with Allen?」

「That’s because… you can’t find a swordsman with this kind of spirit core that easily! My blood just boiled in excitement.」

「You are already old, so please take things slow.」

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「Bararara! Rose is a really kind-hearted child. You are always concerned about grandfather’s well-being.」

…In addition to this affable exchange, and the word ‘grandfather’ that she mentioned earlier.

It seems that these two are related.

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「I’m sorry, Allen. This person is the 16th legitimate successor of Sakura Blossom One-Sword Style, Bacchus Valencia. He’s a top-notch swordsman who was hailed as the “strongest in the world” in the past.」

When Rose introduced him as such,

「Bararara! Not just in the past, I am still the strongest swordsman in the world!」

Bacchus-san corrected her while laughing heartily.

「Kid, you seem to know my granddaughter. What is your name?」

I was asked that question.

「Ah, yes… I am Allen Rodore. I’m getting along with Rose-san at Thousand Blade Academy.」