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In this way, the Dropout Swordsman Allen-Rodore of Gran Swordsmanship Academy successfully graduated, and from tomorrow onwards became – Swordsman Allen-Rodore of Thousand Blade Academy.

After bidding farewell to Paula-san, I headed for Thousand Blade Academy’s dormitory.

The key to the dormitory has been mailed by the academy during the admission process, so it is already in my pocket.

「Now then – I’m coming in.」

I know there isn’t anyone here – but I always end up saying it when going home.

「Oh, it’s much wider than I thought.」

It was one room of six tatami mat size.

The room is large enough to live comfortably alone.

The toilet was foreign styled and very beautiful, and the bath was large enough to extend my legs.

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In addition, basic appliances such as a refrigerator and washing machine were already installed.

Also the location of the dorm is great.

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This dormitory is located in Thousand Blade Academy, so I can go to class easily.

「This is more than satisfactory.」

As expected of one of the Five Academy’s – Thousand Blade Academy.