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Is there a pig app to make money online?

The other investors pondered hard about this. One by one, they seemed to understand.

That seemed to make sense!

Before this, Boss Pei had acted nonchalant about the project as well. However, when everyone proposed collectively investing in a shopping mall and sharing half of the profits with Boss Pei, Boss Pei took them seriously and came up with the Golden Maze.

It looked like it would be the same with marketing. Boss Pei was waiting to see how they would perform!

When they looked at it that way, Boss Pei’s actions seemed to make sense.

After making sure that everyone was on the same page, Li Shi said, “Alright, what ideas do you all have for publicity? Let’s put it all on the table. Don’t hide your hand anymore.”

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The investors took turns to speak up.

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“I’m thinking about putting up advertisements at public bus stations and train platforms around Jingzhou. We can also organize a shuttle service from the nearest public transport station to Thriller Hostel.”

“I can hire people to give out flyers at various shopping malls and universities in Jingzhou. Young people would probably be more interested in amusement parks.”

“I’m considering... placing advertisements online. However, I have to think harder about how to do that exactly. Otherwise, I won’t be able to guarantee its effectiveness.”

“Boss Li, you know Boss Wang of Quanmin Reviews, don’t you? Do you think we can run a promotion for Thriller Hostel’s tickets on Quanmin Reviews?”

Everyone quickly spoke up one by one until their publicity plan covered every aspect of the country. They were all used to working in this manner.