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He continued to shop.

Since he couldn’t even buy a good watch, that meant that he wouldn’t be allowed by the system to buy other stuff that wasn’t exactly related to his work, such as expensive cologne and men’s health supplements, etc.

However, Pei Qian was not flustered. Having spent forty thousand-odd yuan, he was rather confident now.

He had to buck up; this was the last chance to break through the spending stage!

Lin Wan, Huang Sibo, and the others had long reached their purchase targets. While they accompanied Pei Qian and window-shopped, they observed their Boss Pei quietly.

Especially Lin Wan—who was very interested in whatever Boss Pei was buying!

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However, after observing for a while, she realized that her previous opinion of Boss Pei seemed to have been erroneous! Boss Pei was actually such a thrifty person when it came to his personal life?! She could see clearly that Pei Qian actually really wanted to buy some items!

For example, that classic, luxurious perfume box from that brand that started with a G; it was more than a thousand yuan as Boss Pei was evidently keen on it. However, after taking a look, he had actually put it down again!

Also, that custom-made suit. Boss Pei had actually tried it on for a while; it had looked very fitting and nice. It was only a little more than ten thousand yuan; he had actually not bought it!

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As well as the Rolex watch. Boss Pei had started from the two hundred thousand rang watches and finally had chosen the cheapest entry-level model that only cost forty-odd thousand!

For such a successful boss like Boss Pei, he only wore an entry-level Rolex??

Lin Wan was indeed stunned.

Pei Qian continued to shop as he bought stuff here and there. Whatever the system restricted him from buying, he had no choice but to give it up. Whatever the system permitted, he took them all!

However, as much as that was the case, Pei Qian actually did not manage to buy that many things.

The system’s restrictions were just too many!

A Babylon fountain pen that was seven-thousand-odd; a golden belt from the G brand that was three-thousand-odd; a business briefcase worth twenty-thousand…

Some were the priciest, some were middle-ranged; his purchases were all limited by the system’s restrictions. Pei Qian’s job was to buy the best within the limits given.

After shopping for a while longer, Pei Qian realized that he didn’t have anything else to buy left. After taking stock—although Pei Qian felt that he had bought quite a bit of stuff, he actually didn’t have that many bags in his hands.

The total cost for everything was seventy-three thousand.