Which tool is good online?

Which tool is good online?


The moment I overcame the stinging pain and managed to break through the wall of fire.

「Just as I expected. I knew you would break through that flame wall valiantly.」

Ria, waiting at the end of the wall, had already swung her sword high.

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Apparently… She seems to have read my pattern.

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「High King Style – Strong Strike!」

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I defended the imminent downward slash by standing ready with my sword positioned horizontally.

A tremendous impact ran through my body. And the moment I thought I managed to defend it,


A tremendous amount of fire jetted from the back of Ria’s sword.

It granted explosive propulsion to her downward slash, and

(Guh, H-Heavy…!?)

I couldn’t bear that tremendous power and was blown away.

(Damn it…)