Is the online answer to make money is a lie?

Is the online answer to make money is a lie?

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That was because the sponsorship of the other five clubs was still in effect. The five clubs that had terminated their sponsorship contracts had already advertised GOG for a long time. It was impossible for them to deduct the advertising fees.

It was as if the five clubs had advertised for nothing, and had each lost a million US dollars!

Pei Qian felt a little dizzy. He did not understand what was going on with these clubs.

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Did water enter their brains, or did they think that they had too much money?

What was going on?

He Desheng was very happy and continued, “Boss Pei, I asked the person-in-charge of these clubs briefly before I knew what was going on.”

“It was ordered by Dayak Corporation and Finger Games!”

“Finger Games could not stand seeing GOG’s logo on the team uniforms of these teams. Considering the influence of the international competitions and the competitions after that, it was equivalent to advertising for the competitor GOG. Therefore, they decisively terminated the sponsorship contracts of these clubs!”

“This sum of money is definitely not from the clubs. It’s from Finger Games.”

“Even so, the clubs are still making a loss. After all, they lost a million dollars and spent so much money advertising for nothing. Finger Games would not give them any additional compensation.”

“However, Finger Games had promised these clubs a seat in the league as a form of compensation. After all, the other clubs would have to pay for it if they wanted the seats.”

“All in all, Boss Pei, you spent ten million yuan to sponsor these clubs. Not only did you achieve a good publicity effect, but you also took back everything!”

“Your operation is too perfect. You have predicted the mentality of Dayak Corporation and Finger Games perfectly. It’s actually equivalent to an investment even though it’s a sponsorship. What’s more, it’s a huge profit!”

Pei Qian could feel He Desheng’s elated expression through the phone.

Who would have thought that the money that they had spent would grow wings and fly back?