Online handling monthly cash back telecom package is a routine

Online handling monthly cash back telecom package is a routine

The only thing that was slightly related to the discount was that the ‘purchase of Tengda Games’ would be given for free randomly. However, this was only one of the marginalized rules of the event.

All the other rules could basically be summarized as: as long as players went online to play games, they would randomly be gifted things. It could be a prop in the game, or they could directly give cash!

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Zhao Xuming could not believe it. He read the rules again from beginning to end.

He thought of some problems that he might encounter, such as what if someone with ulterior motives registered a robot account and took advantage of it.

However, on further thought, the very experienced Tengda should be able to solve these problems easily.

Boss Pei had always been very professional in dealing with scalpers.

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Boss Pei had the foresight since a long time ago to give access to all of Tengda Corporation’s accounts. Be it games, novels, live-streams, Tengda Life App, or even TPDb websites, they all used Tengda accounts to log in.

Each Tengda account had different weightage on TPDb.

Simply put, accounts that were registered early, consumed a lot of money, and used for a long time would have higher weightage. On the other hand, new accounts that were not used much and had suspicious behavior would have lower weightage.

Even if there were people with ulterior motives who kept accounts, their behavior patterns and the characteristics of the accounts were very obvious because they were all controlled by robots. It would be very easy to check.

This way, even though it looked like a “random free order” and “random free money”, the higher the weight, the better the reward. Those accounts with lower weight might be given something symbolically or nothing at all.

To Tengda, who held the final explanation rights for the event, these were all very normal operations. Gamers would not be disgusted. After all, gamers had high authority accounts with real money in their hands. It was beneficial to them to deal with the scalpers.

There were only so many benefits. Wouldn’t the real gamers get fewer benefits if they were taken away by the scalpers? Everyone must understand this.